Welcome to Gold Coast Sharpening Service

Gold Coast Sharpening Service specialises in sharpening knives, scissors, clipper blades and chainsaw chains for commercial and domestic customers in and around the Gold Coast.

To ensure your satisfaction and confidence in using our service please feel free to review the list of some of our customers and what they have to say about us.

We offer the following service options:

Drop off and pick up

  • You are welcome to drop your items into us to be sharpened at a time that is convenient to you,
  • Your items will be sharpened the day you drop them off, and
  • You can pick your items up at a time that is convenient to you.


  • We do sharpen a lot of items for customers from all around Australia, and
  • If you would like to utilise this service please include a return post pack so that we can return your items to you within 24 hours.


  • If you have any questions in relation to the provision or cost of services please contact us via text, phone, email, or you can message us via our Facebook page.

If you would like to know more about us, what we do, how we do it, sharpening news/techniques, or what our customers have to say, check out our Facebook page.

Items we specialise in sharpening and associated costs:


Kitchen -35 cents per centimetre to sharpen based on the length of the blade (excludes serrated edge knives).
For sports or serrated edge knives please send a photo and we will provide you with a quotation

Scissors / Shears

Hairdressing – Convex edge $50, Bevel edge $40, Thinning, $30
Animal Grooming – Straight, Curved, Thinning, $15
Fabric $10
Surgical – $8 each, 20 or more $5 each
Industrial thread scissors (4.5”) $5

Clipper Blades

Small Steel – 4 or less $12 each, 5 to 9 $11 each, 10 or more $10
Small Ceramic – $15 ea
Large Steel – $15 ea
Large Ceramic – $20 ea

Chainsaw chains

Chain less than 60cm $12 off the bar $17 if on the bar.
Chains longer than 60cm $15 off the bar and $20 if on the bar.
Please note if the chain is on the bar the price is more expensive due to the time required to remove and reinstall the chain.


Paper Guillotines – $45
Garden Shears – $10
Secateurs – $5

Please note:

The prices above are a baseline, and are subjective to the condition of the item being sharpened.

For any items not listed above feel free to call or txt Steve on 0416 885 551 to discuss your requirements.

Payment Options:

Electronic Funds Transfer
Credit Card